Make your data sing

Audiolize you realtime data with chirpy

curl --data "event=Foo" http://chirpy.io/1
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Hear your app's heartbeat

Don't wait to see activity reports or keep checking dashboards all day. Chirpy gives you a realtime insight into your 'apptivity' (yeah we said that...). This is purely volitile analytics, we don't store anything, you can't see historic data. You just listen to a realtime heatbeat of your app, and it's hugely addictive!

Sweet, sweet music

Audio is an underused notification tool but can easily get annoying. That's why we built Chirpy to be nautally tuneful. Notes are randomly genearted from a scale to create a unique moelody of activity, which works equally well as a focus point or as relaxing background noise.

Ambient analytics

Knowing users are using your app is both addictive and motivating, but staring at dashboards isn't productive at all. Drop in our tracking code and we will audiolize your data in realtime. Now you can really start litening to your users!

Event specific sounds Comming Soon

Get audio alerts for bugs, trigger 'ka-ching' sounds for new orders or just filter out the minor events, it's all possilbe with specific event sounds!

Get started

Sending Events

curl --data "event=Foo" chirpy.io/


$ npm install chirpy --save

Sending Events

//Require module
var chirpy = require('chirpy');

//Set tracking id
chirpy.id = 8xgf73;

//Track event*
chirpy.send('my event');

Webhook URL



//include tracking script

Sending Events

//track pageview

//Track event*
chirpyTrack('My Great Event', '8xgf73');

Webhook URL


Start Listening

* We don’t store any event data and events are only sent to your unique channel but remember your data is only secured through obscruity so don’t send any personal information as event data.